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The Guest charts Daru's journey into a state of moral despair against the backdrop of his solitude. The stare that the Arab gives Daru is not a response of stupidity or ignorance; he is just trying to figure out the purpose of, what to him was, and inapplicable question. Albert Camus uses The Guest to communicate the isolation that humans experience at heart, his idea of absurdity and a sense of moral distress. Thus his situation is one of extreme isolation from human understanding. The remarks to himself that the weather is much better now than it had been the three previous days, during the blizzard. Buy Study Guide Summary The Guest begins with Daru , the schoolmaster, watching two men approach on the plateau below him. Now that the pupils are not attending classes, Daru thinks, theyir families will miss the food. He is fully aware of the repercussions of his quilting, but nothing can change his decision. Muhlestein, Daniel K. One day, Balducci the officer arrives with a prisoner and he forces Daru to take responsibility for him. After an eight-month draught October brought a sudden snowfall, so Daru's pupils, all of whom live on the plateau, are unable to attend classes. Daru's course of action leads him into moral trouble: he does not know whether the Arab deserves to be punished or let go, and he allows this uncertainty to overwhelm him. He agrees that it is unfortunate, but insists that it is their duty.

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Instead of treating the Arab like a prisoner, Daru decides to be the host and treats the prisoner like a guest by taking care of him and offering food and shelter. You will pay for this. One way or another Daru will be held responsible either by the French authorities or the Arabs.

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To protect the anonymity of contributors, we've removed their names and personal information from the essays. He watches them climb the hill. Likewise, Daru has orders to turn in the prisoner to police headquarters at a town approximately twenty kilometers away.

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He speaks to the Arab in Arabic, who follows him into the classroom with his hands still tied.

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