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The danger is that asbestos materials may become damaged over time. A few more photos of such material, information about the age of your home and its heating system design and history could increase our confidence in that conclusion, or of course you could test a small piece of the material.

Disturbing it may create a health hazard where none existed before. Employees at corrugated paper factories were also at high risk of exposure.

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When the exposure was further analyzed, 71 percent of the cases had been exposed to asbestos, the majority having worked as maintenance workers in paper mills. The paper appears to be in good condition. It was also used in household appliances like ovens, fireplaces and air-conditioning units.

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Free Mesothelioma Justice Guide Asbestos exposure has led to thousands of mesothelioma diagnoses. Other individuals who may have been exposed to asbestos from corrugated paper at the workplace include: Demolition crews. Is there additional cleaning needed at the home? Asbestos air duct wrap was produced and installed in both paper and asbestos fabric forms. Reply: Yes that looks like asbestos paper-wrapped HVAC duct as well as a not-so-nice chopped-out floor joist. If there's more than the couple of pieces in your photo and if it's not trivial to remove and bag the material - or depending on laws where you live - it may be necessary to get professional help. Asbestos paper on the outside of return air ducts, since they are under negative pressure, if it is damaged, could potentially release asbestos into the duct interior if there are holes or openings nearby in the duct system. At left we include another photograph of asbestos paper used on an old metal heating duct where the duct makes a degreen turn to direct warm air up through the floor and into a room that is on the other side of the gypsum board partition wall shown in our photo. Workers who wrapped corrugated paper around pipes, placed it in walls or inserted it beneath flooring likely agitated the fibers as they worked and chanced to breathe them in. New Yorker Albert Jones patented corrugated paper in , and his design has been adjusted ever since. Free Help Finding a Specialist. A home inspection of my parent's house discovered what appears to be some sort of heat shield around a few ducts near the furnace. Should I replace these ducts? Seeking Justice for Mesothelioma Those who worked with thermal paper products or their family members may have unknowingly come into contact with asbestos and may have since developed mesothelioma.

General advice about asbestos suspect paper wrap material on heating or cooling duct work: You should obtain proper technical information and health and safety guidelines before attempting to do anything with this material.

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Asbestos Paper