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It helps others know what type of medical care she wants. Outline what actions may be appropriate when an individual is unable to or does not wish to participate in advance care planning Many patients with early or slowly progressing disease, and some with advanced disease, will not wish to discuss end-of-life care.

If it relates to life sustaining treatment it must be a written document which is signed and witnessed. In this context, it can be widely said that there is a need of reviewing and monitoring of care plans on regular basis so as to assess and analyze their overall effectiveness and efficiency in offering best healthcare services and facilities to individuals such as Clara.

Blais, K. They are based upon past experiences as well as present circumstances.

Nursing care plan paper example

Specific services are accessed immediately in response to a service users assessed need, including but not limited to health care, nutrition and physiotherapy. The individual is provided with appropriate information and support in relation to their care or treatment. After the stage of assessment, the next step of the respective nursing process is to be properly decided and focus upon the prior problems faced by the patient named Clara, through creation of a specific care plan for the purpose of determination of the care goals and objectives. The MCA also allows people to express their preferences for care and treatment in case they lack capacity to make these decisions. Each stage of the APIE is a justifiable component of the nursing process and can contribute to effective decision-making. Reflection in action: Developing reflective practice in health and social services. In addition to nurse-led interventions, patients should be supported and educated to promote self-care Wilkinson and Whitehead, While quantitative data alone can provide a clue as to the diagnosis of the patient, the holistic nature of nursing care demands consideration of subjective wellbeing and qualitative aspects of the patient, including ideas, expectations and concerns. I have to ensure in all my work that I recognise the diverse nature of the service user and deliver services accordingly. Personalised care, treatment and support are given to service users for example:- Care and welfare of people who use services Meeting nutritional needs Cooperating with other providers Safeguarding and safety The organisation ensure applying person centred planning in all aspects of health and social care work particularly in relation to vulnerable individuals e. Furthermore, the APIE problem-solving approach emphasizes the need for suitable implementation of a plan, but wider roles of nurse and the patient need to be considered to deliver personalised care. Indeed, nurses who are compassionate and considerate of other cultures and patient beliefs are more likely to develop strong therapeutic relationships, which have been shown to promote adherence to treatment plans and improve outcomes Hagerty and Patusky, However, the APIE approach focuses more precisely on the role of nurse-led interventions and overlooks the importance of supportive nursing roles during the implementation process. The nursing process: assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating; the proceedings of the Continuing education series conducted at the Catholic University of America, March 2 through April 27, The service users or advocate are able to express their views as to what is important to them in relation to the care.

Consideration should be given to the strengths and abilities of the service users their wider social and family networks and the diverse support and advocacy services available to them.

The GP visits Caroline and diagnoses a urinary tract infection.

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I have to ensure in all my work that I recognise the diverse nature of the service user and deliver services accordingly. Intellectual needs: this needs develop and keep our brains working as well as possible. During an admission I completed under the supervision of my mentor I was pre-assessing a 37 year old lady who had arrived to the unit for an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Outline the principles of record keeping in advance care planning According to NHS guidelines: Healthcare professionals cannot make a record of the discussion without the permission of the individual The individual concerned must check and agree the content of the record Information cannot be shared with anyone, unless the individual concerned has agreed to disclosure.

CPA meetings are generally set for the individuals are invited to engage and discuss their own care package.

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The APIE Approach in Nursing