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The teacher will then add adjectives to enhance the sentence and show more information about the three nouns. Move about the room helping students record their observations on their charts. Model the use of descriptive words and patterns to stimulate reader interest. The teacher will have students close their eyes and visualize that simple sentence. For students struggling to write their narrative, the teacher can provide a graphic organizer, outline, or story frame to help them construct and organize their story. Students will turn in their final drafts as the summative assessment for the lesson. When students' drafts are complete, depending on your available curriculum time you could: Conference with individual students to help point out areas in their story where they could use adjectives to describe their real or fictional person in more detail, or select different adjectives that are more precise. Students will identify adjectives in a sentence. Closure Sharing 5 mins Have two or three students share their person with the class and describe themselves. Day 3: Tongue: bring sweet, salty, bitter, sour foods, tasting party. Ask them specifically for colors, feelings, and size.

What color would this be? Extra Worksheet If there is still time left in the lesson, have students start to work on another worksheet about adjectives.

Share four describing sentences about their item. After minutes, each student will pass their sheet to the next student for them to add more adjectives to their sheet to build off what the others wrote on the paper. This may be a good time to talk to students about word choices.

Closure Sharing 5 mins Have two or three students share their person with the class and describe themselves. This lesson builds the foundational understanding of descriptive writing by learning how to observe; record observations; create interesting detail words adjectives to modify nouns; and use these observation records to write interesting, descriptive sentences.

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Is it clearer? Work on adjective powerpoints. Depending on the needs of your students, you might want to provide students with a graphic organizer, outline, or planning frame to help them construct and write their story.

Students should be able to compose a sentence using correct end punctuation. Then, have students use this list of adjectives to help them select adjectives to use in their story.

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