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New York Times columnist Frank Bruni questioned the existence of exclusive clubs on campuses that are meant to facilitate independence, writing: "[Colleges] should be cultivating the kind of sensibility that makes you a better citizen of a diverse and distressingly fractious society.

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Most fraternities also have assumed heraldic achievements. A depiction of fraternity hazing from the early 20th century Supporters of fraternities note that hazing is almost universally prohibited by national fraternity organizations, and the occurrence of hazing in undergraduate fraternity chapters goes against official policy. Every year news headlines report new allegations linking college students -- including fraternity members -- with acts of sexual misconduct, suggesting deep problems in some areas. Please click below to submit your report:. The Panhellenic sororities have a formal process only in the fall. Additionally, the Greek governing councils involve additional leadership positions working to benefit the entire Greek community. According to the report, recent graduates have been known to exchange the secret handshakes of their fraternities with executives whom they know are also members to obtain access to competitive appointments. Greeks participate in many activities on campus and in the community. House of Representatives and 40 percent of members of the U.

Thus it was that just as my father passed from this earth, I was lying in a coffin during my initiation into Delta Kappa Epsilon. A dramatized depiction of a fraternity initiation ritual Meetings and rituals are sometimes conducted in what is known as a "chapter room" located inside the fraternity's house.

Why should I join your fraternity or sorority? Greek organizations have an impact on their member's lives in many ways, offering them learning and life experiences through community service, friendship, leadership, scholarship, and social activities.

Fraternities and sororities educate their members about the procedures necessary to ensure a safe environment at events, included in this education is the Greek community alcohol policy that outlines expectations on possession, use and consumption of alcohol at chapter houses and fraternity and sorority events.

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The IUPUI fraternity and sorority life vision The IUPUI fraternity and sorority life vision is to cultivate a fraternity and sorority community that: Serves as a national model based upon best practices and innovative approaches Cultivates and reflects a values-based holistic experience Engages meaningfully within the fraternity and sorority community, the campus community, and the greater community Actively learns about, desires to increase awareness of, appreciates, and respects differences to build cultural competencies that are reflected in their actions Understands the importance of and participates in sustained civic engagement, educationally meaningful service, and philanthropy Recognizes the value of and is committed to a physically, socially, and emotionally safe environment for all members of the community Comprehends and adheres to standards of accountability IUPUI is committed to creating a safe and civil campus.

Does the chapter perform hands-on community service?

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If so, for how long? Three Prime Ministers of Canada have been members of fraternities. In , Chi Phi began allowing transgender members, or those identifying as male, to join the social fraternity. In many of these cases, the fraternity or sorority own or rent a non-residential clubhouse to use for meetings and other activities. The social aspect of Greek life is one of the many reasons that students choose to join fraternities and sororities. Fraternity and sorority chapters run under their own executive boards, chairpersons and committees composed from the undergraduate membership. A single undergraduate fraternity chapter may be composed of anywhere between 20 to more than students, though most have an between 35 to 45 members and pledges. For the purposes of this article, national also includes international organizations, and local refers to organizations that are composed of only one chapter. No other segment of the student population has dedicated more time and resources, or has raised more money for charity than the members of our Greek community.
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Fraternities and Sororities