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American colonists were angered by the taxes the King had imposed upon them As the New World developed, it took characteristics from both the Old World and its own new ideas.

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Paine's writing convinced many of his countrymen to disown the monarchy and replace it with a republic Although most of the tea was easily recovered, the message still stood that the American colonies wanted out of the system As a result, the Stamp Act was put in place, which required the buying of stamps for manufactured goods.

The American Revolution did just that, with the colonises demanding economic, social and political change.

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The Haitian Revolution is said to be known as theā€¦. Conflict began to rise after the French and Indian war when Britain had spent well over the amount intended and put themselves in debt. While some within these groups may have seen some favorable changes after the war, the overwhelming population instead gained less. Several events led to this result and while some of these were long-term causes, most were immediate. The effects of this Revolution remain evident when people examine the everyday life of modern day Americans. They were the force that pushed out Pilgrims escaping persecution, those hoping to strike it rich, and men and women eager to start life anew made up the tough settlers. This lead to The American Revolution which was inevitably arisen from three major problems: power, glory, and greed.

Initially, the concern over taxation was the starting off what is known as the American Revolution. They negated to do so because the tax was not voted upon In this paper I will be looking at a couple of important documents and analyzing them in my own opinion.

Setting an example of how a David could overcome a Goliath, the United States inspired regions such as Latin America to fight for their rights and liberties as well.

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These two very important instances of bloodshed served to evoke the spirit of American patriotism all over the colonies Olsen, The colonists had fought for their rights, liberties, and to be free of the strict control from Great Britain, which treated them unfairly as a part of the British Mercantile system. The outcome was the development of the Article of Confederation, The Constitution and recognition from Great Britain of the United States as an independent nation under the treaty of Paris Pilgrims escaping persecution, those hoping to strike it rich, and men and women eager to start life anew made up the tough settlers. Due to the rebellion of the colonist Britain imposed the Coercive Acts to reaffirm their position of power over the colonist During this time, Americans rebelled against the aristocratic and monarchies instituted by the British in the thirteen colonies. In the USA it is probably the American Revolution that brought an introduction to the brand new model of government and subsequently the new world. Trade also required to be controlled, which could only be done by the Central government. Instead, the colonies had seen the British Empire as exploitive and unconstitutional, this was primarily due to the taxes passed on America It developed after a series of laws that were passed which it stated that the colonies had to pay taxes to the British. So, the United States lively favored an individualistic, liberal world where their own beliefs, customs, and traditions became the established rules of the people The times leading up to the American Revolution included frequent rebellion and many boycotts. They were able to be victorious on both occasions because they had a united front and England was spread then in global wars Although there was still debate on whether independence should be put forward or whether better representation could satisfy the wants of the people, Thomas Paine wrote his pamphlet, Common Sense in order to bring common people closer to the side of independence.

The American Revolution, however, appears to be unplanned as it appears more as an action of fighting against inequality from the British to ensure the beginning for social change in America, rather than a planned mean for change Thus, the Americans were furious when England endeavored to increase its power over the States.

The American Revolution occurred due to a chain of events and a complex set of intertwined reasons

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