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Click To Tweet And there you have it! This step is so important. You may think your launch happens when you publish your book on Amazon and put it up for sale.

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Step 8: Verify Your Publishing Rights As author, you own the publishing rights to your book, click here to verify that. You receive payment and feedback for your orders.

Hubspot released a blog post with 74 compelling title formulas. Step 1: Visit kdp. You read that right. Another example?

I do not mean by this that a debut author cannot do well.

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You are not self-publishing. So you can go light, or you can go heavy. Which program is best for me? Amazon Publishing works best for writers with multiple books. The next thing for us to do? Finally, I would pick a niche that you actually have some interest in. I was, to put it gently, upset. Also: no one ever talks about being rejected after getting a book deal! So long as your title and product description all remain relevant and natural to read, you should be in the clear. Then follow these steps to publish your book: 1. You can still give readers something to latch on to: perhaps an evocative tagline or a punchy story hook.

This book is ranked overall! I suggest you do the same. You know exactly what your emotional payoff is going to be. Their free tools and affordable services make it easy to get started again, plus you can make your book available to thousands of retail and wholesale outlets across the U.

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10 Things Every Writer Should Know About Amazon Publishing