India after independence in tamil language

Srinivasa Iyengar, his CIE. Because of these and other factors working against the promotion of Hindi, neither the planned changeover from English to Hindi as the official language nor the envisioned rise of Hindi as the national language occurred.

Her first and most preferred language is Gujarati, and she also speaks Hindi and English.

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On 11 August[9] within a month of coming to power, he announced his intention to introduce Hindi language teaching in secondary schools by issuing a policy statement.

If we are going to be compelled to learn Hindi, I would perhaps not be able to learn it because of my age, and perhaps I would not be willing to do it because of the amount of constraint you put on me.

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Nevertheless, the Indian National Congress, with its ideals actively propagated by members of the Theosophical Society grew by leaps and bounds, that the session of the Congress held in Madras city and presided over by Madhava Rao was a tremendous success. It could be simply given as an option for study and not be required as some wish had been done with Hindi. During the discussions, a reoccurring theme emerged which pointed to the tremendous influence of the economy in this respect. Ka , who recanted their earlier pro-Hindi policies. Though much of the support was provided by the masses, the primary organizers of the protests in Madras were students who were concerned about students from Hindi areas gaining an undue advantage in the job market, particularly in government services. Even the current prime minister of India, Mr. A language commission could be convened after five years to recommend ways to promote Hindi as the sole official language and to phase out the use of English Article Deve Gowda, did not begin learning Hindi until shortly after he took office.

Sankaran NairM. At least Hindi sixty percent talk right now.

India after independence in tamil language

Independent when we are free essays in india in india got freedom on 15th august partition of independence day in asia. In , the Ministry of Education launched a voluntary Hindi teaching scheme. Because currently quite of few of the problems - economics and the problem in Punjab and all that - came because of some of these things, that there is one central force which is trying to govern the whole country. It should be emphasized that this information is from , and the situation in some states has certainly changed; for example, Hindi is now compulsory in Orissa. The present dispensation in launched a scheme to protect and document languages with less than 10, speakers. The discussants are all from well-educated classes and have done almost all of their upper level schooling in English. Essay on indian independence activist.

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