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Improve the system of global income, allowing tax at the head of the Venezuelan contributor the income derived by the foreign entity that have not been taxed in the outside, or have been taxed with lower rates.

Finally, this firm will be recognized as having unreasonable commercial purposes, lacking management essence and forced to make tax adjustment, which maybe bring double taxation risks to the firm. Justification and importance of research It is understood as a regime of Fiscal Transparency International, the intention of the Venezuelan State to tax, through the tax administration, those enrichments to obtain the Venezuelan investors or taxpayers domiciled in the country, from their investments in the territory or jurisdictions of low taxation which the laws international taxation have identified as tax havens.

Whatever, Chinese authorities and companies are involved in this reform which is crucial for both.

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Questions of Research On the basis of the foregoing gives rise to the following questions: - What are the mechanisms with which account the Tax Administration, to control the investments made in these jurisdictions? Moreover, there is no international tax court or administrative body for international tax issues.

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Subsidiaries and divisions have different functions for tax planning. Actions 5. Set by way of presumption that payments between natural or legal persons resident or domiciled in Venezuela and entities located in jurisdictions of low taxation, payments are made between related parties.

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