Is it possible for justice for

On the whole is there justice for all

Concrete in the sense that their practical import is visible and relevant to the conditions of existence of the people to whom they apply. While some of the obstacles are substantive, others are procedural. I was stopped for no reason, at midnight; coming home from work. See Chukwudifu A. Pope John Paul II was a strong advocate of justice and human rights , and spoke forcefully for the poor. Otherwise, the perpetrators of sexual violence will be shielded from justice. It is also necessary to open up when it comes to financing justice innovation. However, only after sitting in a room with civil society speakers who presented their lived experiences was I able to understand the severity and urgency of the matter. Sanctions, Ms. It also constituted the current National Political Reforms Conference as a way of stemming the increasing agitation by various groups and regions in the country. There are many causes of delay in the judicial process: some of these are endemic in the system like highly technical and complicated rules of procedure, while others are caused by operatives of the system, those who serve court processes, the lawyers who ask for unending adjournments of cases, and judges who lack the virtue of promptness see Oputa, op. This paper purports to examine these questions and to chart a new course in the quest for the promotion and protection of human rights in Nigeria through enhanced access to justice. I called the police 2 weeks before the 'victim' grabbed a hold of the front of my shirt and threatened me- and I spit at her. We shall here examine some of these factors to see how they have continued to inhibit access to justice in Nigeria. There is no doubt that such delays not only erode public confidence in the judicial process but also undermine the very existence of the courts see Oputa, op.

A number of circumstances could give rise to this delay: lawyers writing letters of adjournment of cases, inability of judges and magistrates to deliver judgments on time, failure of the police or prison authorities to produce accused persons in court for trial, the rule that once a magistrate or judge is transferred and a new one takes over a case, it has to start de novo, etc.

Yet other obstacles may be traceable to the structure and composition of the political and economic systems operative in a given country. It emerged as an expression of protest against what was perceived as the capitalist exploitation of labour and as a focal point for the development of measures to improve the human condition.

justice is never the same for all speech

For an appraisal of the Rule, see M. Further, the economic, social, and political empowerment of women is an initial step in order to amplify the voices of all women—survivors and advocates alike.

This will necessarily entail the widening of the scope of its operations in terms of increase in the level and category of potential beneficiaries from the scheme the subject matter coverage, coupled with aggressive public enlightenment exercise.

Is it possible for justice for

This writer is at present handling an inherited land case that commenced in and is still pending at the Okehi High Court in Rivers State of Nigeria, largely as a result of the application of this de novo trial principle.

See however, A. Kalu eds. Timothy Olufosoye, 50 the plaintiffs who are communicants of the Anglican Communion within the Diocese of Lagos challenged the appointment of Reverend Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye as the new Bishop of Lagos and asked the court to declare it void.

The Pope advocated that the role of the State was to promote social justice through the protection of rights, while the Church must speak out on social issues in order to teach correct social principles and ensure class harmony. The Governor of Taraba State and 2 Others, 41 where the appellant was deposed as the Emir of Muri and kept under house arrest for several months.

From the pre-independence constitutional conferences, 1 through the First and Second Republics 2 and the various military dispensations, to the present democratic government, 3 human rights questions have received merited attention in legal and political discourse. Justice systems are not meeting the needs of people in a serious way.

To my place of work.

There is no justice for all

It held that zakat alms-giving was not voluntary charity, but rather the poor had the right to assistance from the more fortunate. There has been a sustained struggle for the protection of the human rights of individuals, groups and communities in Nigeria. At the initiative of the Soviet Union, and with the support of developing countries, the term was used in the Declaration on Social Progress and Development, adopted in For instance, where the courts are not sufficiently manned, or manned by men and women who are morally depraved, then such a State can hardly guarantee social justice to its citizens. As contained in the Commission's terms of reference. See for example, Ifeanyi Nwankwu and Another v. Very often, we see ordinary cases of unlawful termination of employment or even those for the enforcement of fundamental rights lasting between three to five years or even more. Wesley himself was among the first to preach for slaves rights attracting significant opposition. When survivors and activists become participants in policymaking and advocacy, victims move one step closer to justice. Does it make them sentries to ward off all those they suspect to be potential transgressors of the constitution of the Anglican communion? I had to quit, leave my house, had most of my things broken. To deny any member of such society who is aware or believes, or is led to believe, that there has been an infraction of any of the provisions of our Constitution Probably a good idea that they don't.
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Justice for All