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If you keep to the same set of questions and conduct post-project reviews consistently, your project review file will soon become an invaluable reference point.

Now with so many law firms in the market providing more sophisticated services, there is a heightened sense of competition and clients can start asking: "Well, tell us how you are delivering that legal service to me, I want to see in detail exactly what your lawyers are working on.

The hardest changes will occur around increasing the budget. Implementing project management basics Although implementing many of the basic principles outlined in this note is not especially difficult, it does require commitment and a degree of systemisation to do it effectively.

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This step along with post-project review is often skipped, particularly where the project is delivered within the same organisation. I suspect this is because after having built up knowledge about lawyers, legal processes and legal terminology further opportunities within the industry open up.

Legal project managers need to understand what clients really value and then design the delivery project to make sure that value is delivered. However, for larger projects, each element of the PID will have its own detailed plan.

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Legal Project Management Limited: Applying Project Management to Law