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Therefore the basic factors seen as central driving factors in general human motivation also apply to the workplace and working environment. Motivation used to be considered only in one direction: downward, the superior motivating the subordinate. The answers to these questions can be rather easily translated into a prioritized list of demotivators.

Being well motivated can also make work more fun, and do so for both the motivated and the motivators. Unclear Expectations Without realizing it, management often sends a bewildering array of mixed messages that confuse, rather than guide, employees.

They don't realize how excited employees become when they are entrusted with authority. As employees strive to attain goals and to improve their performance, they want to feel that significant others have confidence in them.

You might also find it useful to look for related demotivators. Motivation, although influenced by external factors, refers to processes internal to the individual. Always approach people without preconceptions, and concentrate your attention on Performance-not on personality, habits, or physical appearance.

Each theory and theorist attempts to discern and isolate those aspects that are seen to be of critical importance in understanding the facets and factors that create a structure that is conducive to personal motivation. However, if your organization wants an immediate impact on quality, stop production as soon as quality problems are detected.

Too many managers underestimate the importance of what they consider to be minor irritations in their organizations or departments, not realizing how large these irritations loom in the subjective experience of employees.

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All decisions making should be done in the open, based on well-documented, objective decision-making criteria. This is an excellent opportunity to improve the ratio.

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