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Similarly, in Afghanistan, violence has peaked since the ouster of the Taliban six ,ears ago with a worrisome increase in suicide attacks.

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Pakistan-Afghanistan relations have been another casualty of the renewed violence. Pushing for a "trusted" friendly government in Afghanistan, the Pakistani intelligence started funding Hekmatyar-the only mujahideen commander not to sign the Accords-to fight against the new Afghan government in hopes that he would win and install a new government.

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The Pashtun assimilation into the Pakistani state followed years of rising Pashtun influence in Pakistani politics and the nation's bureaucracy, culminating in Ayub Khan , Yahya Khan , Ishaq Khan — all Pashtuns, attaining leadership of Pakistan. The Afghan government has not formally accepted the Durand Line as the international border between the two states, claiming that the Durand Line Agreement has been void in the past. Various reports in late showed militants gaining ground inside Pakistan and their influence has now spread to minute beyond te FATA. Afghanistan has been accusing Pakistan for supporting and harboring terrorists. There is evidence linking the Haqqani Network to the Pakistan government. Given the history of troubled India-Pakistan relations, Afghanistan is strategically important for India. Pakistan has been facilitating the peace process between the US and Afghan Taliban and later on it facilitated the first round of intra-Afghan talks but unfortunately peace process could not be continued. Personal Information E-mail Submit Taliban insurgents and their Al Qaeda allies, once thought defeated in Afghanistan, are regaining strength.

Secondly, it politically and financially backed secessionist politicians in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the s. Pak afghan relations essay help Pakistan math writing paper border with six tests of their own in response.

Have they crossed over to Afghanistan or are they still somewhere in the border areas within Pakistan? This time it was the West led by the Americans and their puppet Pakistan, the former allies in driving out Russia from Afghanistan.

Pak afghan relations essay help

In fact, quite the opposite. India has offered security assistance and has provided some training for the Afghan national army. Meanwhile, India is building a port in Chabahar in Iran, which among other things, could connect to the Iranian hinterland and thereby transport Indian goods to Afghanistan, bypassing P3kistan completely. This now forms the international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It also had to send its troops into the tribal lands where the Pakistani military has never been welcome. Afghanistan sheltered Baloch nationalists in the s while Pakistan extended refuge and training to the mujahadeen in the s and then later supported the Afghani Taliban. It may seem like a no-brainer that TAPI is great news for energy starved South Asia, but it risks becoming a coercive tool to strong-arm downstream partners when relations sour. How about mustering valuable expertise available in Pakistan and setting up a think-tank exclusively to deal with this task, bringing in such experienced retired ambassadors as Najamuddin Sheikh, Rustam Mohmand, Ashraf Kazi, Maleeha Lodhi, Riaz Ahmad Khan, Asif Aezdi as well as knowledgeable luminaries like Mushahid Hussain Syed and Hina Rabbani Khar. Despite shared geography, ethnicity and faith, relations with Afghanistan have never been smooth. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto rejected the idea because "an economically underdeveloped Afghanistan would not benefit Pakistan. After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December , the United States joined Pakistan to counter Soviet influence and advance its own interests in the region. Afghanistan's Historical Conflict The region that is today known as Afghanistan was long torn by ethnic and tribal rivalries. This led to a decade of machinations between the British and the Russians and two more bloody wars, at the end of which in , Afghanistan won its independence. This includes possible defence cooperation and intelligence sharing as well as further enhancing the two-way trade and abolishment of visas for "holders of diplomatic passports to facilitate visa free travel for the diplomats from the two nations. Estimates of the annual volume of gray market trading run as high as 10 billion Dollar — five times the official volume of trade between the two countries.

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Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan and implications for regional politics