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Most products are in engineering. The company has monitored the regulations and politics in each country to maintain and protect their brand image by assigning the risks.

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Economic: 1. The nation takes pride as Germany was home to many influential scientists and inventors. Ample availability of raw materials including polymers and metals coupled with technological expertise has resulted in emergence of developing economies as sights of high growth rates.

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According to Technavio analysts, one of the key factors contributing to the growth of the global silicone adhesives market is the rising demand from the automotive industry: Silicone adhesives are used for structural metal bonding, structural fiber-reinforced plastic bonding interior trim, exterior trim, and glass bonding in automotive applications. Steel industry may got affected because of the cyclical economic condition because many industries like automobiles, appliances and construction depends on the steel industry and if industries faces any kind of downturn in the economy Tata steel also may also face the losses. It is the leading producer of solar power technology and wind turbines. By changing the converter blowing regime, bottom injection practice, and the lance geometry, Tata Steel took the level down in stages, thus using technological innovation to build on the competitive advantage. There are many specialized scholarly societies concerned with agriculture and veterinary science, the natural sciences, medicine, and technology. It also includes the international laws and regulations that company is bound to follow it also include the safety and health regulations of the employees of the company. Awesome German innovations include printmaking, Gothic art, and wooden engravings. The acronym stands for the Political, Economic, Social and Technological issues that could affect the strategic development of a business.

Tata is also engaged with the objective of the energy conservation schemes where Tata is doing research to reduce the energy consumption in the production process.

It is also providing the breeding grounds for the horse shoe crabs and other rare species of the reptiles and amphibians.

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Medical gloves held the largest share in gloves market in It includes surgical and examination gloves. I would describe it as a modern, multicultural country. Hospital on wheels is the basic innovation of the Tata's whereas Tata is also responsible for the habitation in slum areas in urban developing cities.

Legal 1. There are no quantitative restrictions on import of iron and steel items. Technological Factors Germany backs national science and technology in many ways.

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They are commonly used during the production process of wire wheels to the engine control modules. Braun Melsungen, have been capturing market share through technological advancements and offering a wide product range. You must realize that it is a great country, but it still has potential to grow. Over the years, Germans established a very high standard of living and social security. It is world famous. Tata steel is also putting many efforts in the development in the industry. Germany has the 4th largest economy in the world. Freedom to source inputs domestically or externally without any specific approval or duty payable and sales tax reimbursement on domestic purchases. By improving the infrastructure of the country, Tata Steel and other steel companies can save some amount, as they spend huge amounts on the freight and transportation. The Company raises , saplings every year across various locations and it involves the local community in this process of sapling plantation in the area. Dhamra port is also supporting for the saving in the saltwater crocodiles as well as it is contributing the help to save the wildlife in India.
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PEST Analysis for Germany