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Also they can send mails, organize mails across the folders and can delete the unnecessary mails form their mailboxes. It should be installed for transferring the mails.

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It should be installed for transferring the mails. The user should be able to save the incomplete mails in the Draft mailbox and these can be completed later and can be sent to others.

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Admin can delete user messages using Cyrus server. There are two types of flags in IMAP4rev1. Flags Message Attribute A list of zero or more named tokens associated with the message. Many of the organizations nowadays work on shift basis due to heavy work load and so to this load by shifts.

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The mailing server allows the user to customize their profile, change themes as per own interest. It provides you security as you needed your profile is protected with a password. Intranets may provide a gateway to the Internet by means of a network gateway with a firewall, shielding the intranet from unauthorized external access. It may host multiple private websites and constitute an important component and focal point of internal communication and collaboration. Messages in IMAP4rev1 are accessed by the use of numbers. So IMAP server that allows creating email-only users who are totally separate from the local system "UNIX" account database seems to be a more secure answer to the problem mentioned above. This has a great potential in the real world as most of the organizations and institutions have their dedicated mail services. There is also the password recovery system in case you forgot your password you can recover your profile by verifying your alternate email or phone number. The advent of internet and electronic mails replaced the traditional postal mails. Apart from that, the administrator can create and delete user accounts through the Cyrus Server. A flag may be permanent or session-only on a per- flag basis.

ABSTRACT This motive of this project is to develop a Intranet web server which makes the users to use the functions such as receiving and sending mail through this server and the users are provided with the environment of GUI so it provides the users easy means of sending and receiving mail and the administrators also provided with the facility to create and delete the user account.

It allows a user to transfer text and data like picture, video, mp3, etc. Apart from that, the administrator can create and delete user accounts through the Cyrus Server.

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