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Neuropsychological impairment in bipolar affective disorder. People with bipolar often experience lows and highs. It is one of the first noticed that goes as far back and the second century. Solanki R K et al.

Authors comment that where some symptoms resolving quickly, where some resolve quickly, others much slowly.

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Although this is a chronic illness a person with BPD will at times seem symptom-free. BPD affects more than 2.

Bipolar disorder treatment research paper

Sriramani for secretarial assistance and helping to correct various drafts. The course of bipolar disorder in rural india. Many psychiatrists are simply adapting what they know about the treatment of adults to the pediatric and adolescent population. Psychoeducation and cognitive rehabilitation was suggested for increasing adherence to drugs-mood stabilizers for prevention of relapse. Discuss how to treat bipolar disorder when it is comorbid with another mental illness. Patients will spend 3 times more days depressed than in a manic state. In this study, the behavior affect, speech, delusions and hallucinations was done using PSE Items and the periodic assessments helped to show the resolution time of each symptoms preponderance of male subjects was noted. This mood often time makes it difficult for a person to function the way that they ought to. What are the best ways to minimize the negative side effects of the most common drugs used to treat bipolar disorder? Pradeep RJ. Prakash H M and S Bharath[ 39 ] in a first controlled double blind study have shown the efficacy of valproate in acute mania. There are 2. Most of the people diagnosed with bipolar disorder are in their early stages of life

Efficacy and tolerability of injectable sodium valproate in patients with mani. The causes of Bipolar Disorder have been linked to family problems: heredity, family anxiety, stress and other family structural issues This stems from the extreme mood changes of highs and lows that are categorized in this disorder, as the person is usually depressed but will go through manic episodes.

It is proposed that BD with SP may be considered as a complex disorder resulting from the interaction of clock gene vulnerabilities and biological clock neuroplasticity, with environmental factors, such as the response to light. Indian J Pscyhiatry.

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Diagnosis and treatment of patients with bipolar disorder: A review for advanced practice nurses