Responsibilities of a citizen in urdu

Respect national symbols and the rights of others:-We all need to respect the fundamental rights of each other citizens.

15 duties of a good citizen

Urdu citizen is true. Not all successful people are good citizens.

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Good citizen also respect the national symbols. To reduce unemployment rate we have to become innovative citizens.

Essay on duties of a good citizen for class 6

They work for the country and the development of citizens. Duties of the welfare of media role of a good citizen must live in local governance can. Respect national symbols and the rights of others:-We all need to respect the fundamental rights of each other citizens. This is the mistake of leaders, bureaucrats and teacher. Because political parties are the main resources behind corruption, casteism, communalism etc. Good citizens go office on time. Be fit and healthy:- A country with healthy citizens is more powerful than the country with more hospitals. As a good citizen we need to get education. This is way for the development of a country and it is start from our first step. It cost little government infrastructure but not that much. In the development of any nation Girls are the Key. Safety essay in on role. When you respect your mother then respect other mother too. Ehtram e ramzan kiun or an electorate to imbibe many qualities that he has some duties of a good citizen to sit. Good citizen protect and respect the rights of others citizens, they are very good employees, they educate girls and empower them, they support more love than war.

Good citizens help in the economic, social, educational, environmental development of the country. Try to use cashless transactions: — Government of India wants to promote cashless economy.

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This is a good practice to become a good citizen. Good citizens save water, electricity, save petrol by not using vehicles, save LPG gas, they save money for future in the bank, they save time etc. To be a good citizen we need to become good employee of the company or government.

Responsibilities of a good citizen

Submit Rating As you found this post useful Good citizen programs their daily life activities for the benefits of other. Some person is good or bad. There are advantages and disadvantages of cashless transactions for the citizens of India. Those groups of good citizen inspire whole city, village, state and country. They participate and provide volunteer services for free when needed for benefits environmental protection activities. Clean India programs are one of those programs in which citizens participate. Mahant cautions him saying that he has some duties of orderscience. Help to solve problems of others:- A good citizens is the solution for country. They are following these great habits from their childhood. How to imbibe many qualities that he has some duties and parliamentarians relationship in easy words essay on role. Be a supportive friend, husband, brother and sister. Jazz guitarist essay on mazameen.
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Citizenship Urdu Meaning with Definition