Silver donkey

He soon realises that he can save more men if he uses a donkey to carry them. Every syllable crackles with meaning, encouraging the reader to reflect and contemplate, while the narrative compels you to read on.

They stumbled across a a new friend- Lieutenant Shepard. Identify and discuss how attitudes towards cowardice and desertion have changed in the last years, and how this might affected the viewpoint of the author when writing the text. In return for their care the soldier reveals to the girls the precious treasure: a donkey made of silver, his good-luck charm.

the silver donkey audiobook

Discuss some of the tactics involved in the battles, how these affected the soldiers in the trenches and how different soldiers would have had different opinions and attitudes towards these tactics depending on their background and role.

Students might contribute to a Venn diagram to show similarities and differences between the two cultural descriptions.

What will happen to the soldier, Coco wonders? During a drought the people and animals try to force the sky to bring rain.

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The Silver Donkey by Sonya Hartnett