Simple english essay my hobby

My parents appreciate my hobby and they become very happy when they listen all the latest news through me in my voice. I could perceive things way better than I did before.

essay on my hobby reading books

I am also fond of painting. Actually, reading a book helps me to achieve all kinds of general knowledge.

I still visit the art room. Pain and sorrow make us miserable]. Why do I like this kind of activity? If it makes you feel good, then it is worth listening to it.

Simple english essay my hobby

Why do I like this kind of activity? They were also the days that our family bonds were strengthened. I would run to the stereo, turn on the music to full volume and start running around dancing. Now, I really enjoy playing football and participate in the inter-school competitions. It is a venture which is done to pass spare time. Hobbies are our daily lives activities which we must do. Sometimes, I watch very good cartoons that provide me creative and new ideas to make cartoons and arts. When I was kid, my father generally laughed at me while seeing watering plants.
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5 Long and Short Essay on My Hobby in English for Kids and Students