The california gold rush essay

gold rush history

This research paper will prove that America was transformed by the Gold Rush and that this has been portrayed realistically in the novel.

I think this because of the climate that the miners had to face, the competition from other miners, the geography and the topography of the region, the traveling and the technology in the region that is also Gold!

By the end ofafter the international gold rush had been under way for nearly six months, the total population had passed 90, Soon after word got out, approximatelypeople flocked to California to strike it rich. By the yeargold production in Witwatersrand exceeded that of the entire United States of America.

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These famously known Valleys have brought an estimated total of 2. During the 19th century due to a lack of trust, competence, or unreliable law enforcement, the settlers on the frontiers took it upon themselves to provide security and safety for their newly progressing cities.

The california gold rush essay

This magnificent event gave light to great change but was it the right move for progress and growth for the new founded country the United States

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Gold Rush Essay Example