The rising popularity of the chinese mandarin as a threat to the english language

We want to build something comparable to the Oxford Dictionary for English. Is the position of English a real asset to the states that speak it natively?

And I find it very interesting and I adore the English literature.

The rising popularity of the chinese mandarin as a threat to the english language

Director Wong Kar-wai won the prestigious Lumiere award in So, I think that the idea can be achieved and nothing impossible untill we try it. The sounds on the Hong Kong street are changing. The odds against a Chinese dialect ever gaining traction as an international language are formidable, for linguistic, economic, cultural, and political reasons. Every single time, the waiters will address us in English! Read more On the news service France 24, English is used more prominently than French. This language is used for communication, not for flaunting your accent. And the change is clearly coming It is this lagged growth of English, reflecting US influence hitherto, that we are now experiencing. But under a local government led by Carrie Lam, a chief executive widely viewed as close to Beijing , Mandarin is invading business, tourism and even classrooms. Conversely, where is French now in the international league of languages??

Doing so might also have the effect of bridging some current political divides. That economic balance has now shifted.

importance of mandarin in todays world

Together we can. And on present form, its fall is likely to coincide with the latest rise of China, whose documented history has run for three millennia.

Chinese language

It is both economic power and military power that dictates the ascendancy or otherwise of a language. Whatever, there will be no special deference to the current English-speaking tradition. Transnational lingua francas, once established, always give off an aura of permanence. Chinese, too, is great. The bespectacled Kevin, a native Mandarin-speaker, says that he has never learnt how to speak Cantonese properly. This is bound to have implications on how information is accessed, how it is interpreted, and how it is used by second language speakers when they interact with others. I love the English language and its literature and am fully conscious of its importance in the world. The smiling face with heart-shaped eyes generally means adoration and love towards someone or something. Yet when circumstances change, they fall. All non-English-speaking powers of our globalised world recognise it as the first foreign language to learn; it is also, uniquely, in practical use worldwide. Like Hong Kong, Guangdong was Cantonese-speaking. I mean for example all the tourists who walk up to you and ask in English where the Louvre or Notre Dame is. Beyond doubt, the use of English is greater than ever, and far more widespread than any other language in the world.

Even the short-term windfall advantages came with a moral hazard. I think that most people prefer to learn it as second language.

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The English language is the world's Achilles heel