Writing a good scientific cv

Additional Information: Bullet point any other skills — languages, computer skills, published papers etc. If the job advert requests references, make sure they are included.

Within each section, list your experiences in reverse chronological order. Like a resume, be sure to tailor your CV to your audience. References List at least three people who can provide a reference for your research, work and character.

With this type of CV you should focus on your practical skills and experiences, putting these ahead of the academic information.

However, international clients, such as employers in the Middle East for example, like lengthy CVs.

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Its purpose is to get you an interview. List these as you would a job, using your position and the title of the course as you would a job title and employer. Funding The funding you have attracted for your research and work is recognition of the value of your research and efforts. Use the same font all the way through. Format this section as a bulleted list without years. Be positive about your achievements. Interests should be highlighted. There are a range of specialities open to you as a newly qualified biomedical scientist see box. The first section of your CV should focus on your education, publications and research.

When writing your CV, place the most important information at the top. Graduate special: How do I write a scientific CV?

Science graduate cv example

A brief summary of your interests outside work is important, highlighting any commitments made, responsibilities held, or achievements. Watch here. Keep this section short. Administrative experience Administrative experience on a faculty or at a research institute should be noted. Start with the main headings and sub-headings you will use. Concentrate on your most recent education, i. Check with them first to make sure the are comfortable recommending you and aware of the opportunities you are seeking. Professional experience can explain any gaps in your academic work and demonstrate the diversity in your capabilities.

Panayotou says give specific examples of tasks you have undertaken so the reader can picture you standing at the bench doing them. While working as the editor of a journal may be relevant, waiting tables to get by in graduate school is usually not.

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