Writing a good signature

Search around online for calligraphy, fonts, and different type faces that appeal to you. Keep track of your favorites and print out their letter samples. When you take the time to make an embellished, eye-catching signature on a credit card receipt for examplemore often that not, someone will admire it, which is always a cool feeling.

Psychologists have also found that color images are more memorable than black and white. Keep it mentally filed away for next month, which is traditionally a month of change.

How to improve your signature

Stellar content that showcases your expertise Have a product you want to tell the world about? Look to the Janet Style alphabet for inspiration. Notice, too, how people react to your new signature! KeepSolid Sign team gathered the most comprehensive tips and techniques to make your signature look perfect. After all, you want to speed up your sales process , not the other way around. Or, do like my mom and skew all your letters heavily to the left! Click To Tweet Finally, your perfect signature has to meet the following criteria: You like it. Once you have a solid collection of prospective signatures, take a look at the qualities that you like best. Its key features include audit trail, progress tracking, document templates, multi-party, mobile and offline mode signing. Instead of focusing on legibility, try to think of ways that you can get the letters to work together in a unique way. Such trick shows you as a self-confident person.

Try getting out a piece of paper and writing your signature at least 10 different ways! A signature is just another way that we present ourselves to the world, and your presentation is always something you can change!

Regularly foiled by autocorrect.

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You can always just hit reply. Look at your signature again.

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Need inspiration? Instead of focusing on legibility, try to think of ways that you can get the letters to work together in a unique way. Point being: you can absolutely choose creative license over legibility.

Decide what kind of look you want your signature to convey. Get real-time alerts whenever your links are being clicked.

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How To Improve Your Signature