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Finding the perfect house The couple found a real estate agent and threw themselves into their search, familiarizing themselves with different neighborhoods and working out a budget to decide what homes they could afford.

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Chain free — First time buyers, buyers with no chain and buyers who have pre-arranged mortgages will often have a head start on most of the competition, especially where the seller is in a chain.

It should complement a competitive package the monetary bid, closing date, and contingencies.

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The sellers responded with a counteroffer one day later, and the couple answered it right away. If the seller has lived in their home for years, odds are, they take pride in it.

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If there are few similar properties for sale in the area, chances are the seller has the upper-hand. How to write a winning house offer letter plus, a sample With the right home offer letter, you can win a seller's heart—and home How do you make your offer stand out to sellers?

What happens when you make an offer on a house

If someone else is interested and views it, you risk someone else coming in with a higher offer, which is known as gazumping. Ideally, this should be done before you start your search. To try and avoid gazumping you can ask the sellers to stop marketing their property. Once you make an offer make it clear that it is: Subject to contract STC — the final sale takes place only when lawyers have exchanged legally binding documents Subject to survey — this allows for the cost of any faults or issues to be taken into account once your surveyor has checked the property out Once your offer has been accepted, make sure the estate agent has taken the property off the market and is no longer advertising it for viewings. Research similar properties in the area Do your homework before you place an offer so you go into the process comfortable and confident. Thanks so much for your time and consideration. Jessica had heard that writing a personal letter to the sellers could sometimes sway their decision.
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